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How many EDH decks do you have built irl?
1 19%  19%  [ 22 ]
2 14%  14%  [ 16 ]
3 17%  17%  [ 19 ]
4 17%  17%  [ 20 ]
5 8%  8%  [ 9 ]
6 10%  10%  [ 11 ]
7 2%  2%  [ 2 ]
8+ 14%  14%  [ 16 ]
Total votes : 115
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AgePosted: 2008-Oct-24 4:56 am 
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Joined: 2007-Aug-25 2:26 am
Age: Dragon
Location: Rennes, Fr
I like Gavin's presentation of his collection of decks. So, copy ability in the stack ... resolving ?

The past decks (the ones I've built and unbuilt):
  • Momir Vig, ug theme. So consistent, but too weak as a general.
  • Jhoira. Too powerfull. Unfun. I couldn't see how to build it in order to be fun...
  • Nath, elf theme. Or too weak, or too strong, not really consistent.
  • reaper king, the cheap one. My 10€ deck.
  • Zur, the boring. A sorcerer theme build. People seeing my general say : "Ahrr, not Zur again"... mine diserve a better treatment. It's not an autowin.

The current ones:
  • Ghost council, spiritual deck (spirit theme).
  • Garza. No flavour at all. "All the most powerfull things I own in those colors".deck
  • Savra : annoying.deck ^^
  • Brion. controle version. Litterally, cause I play all control magic in red and white. In order to throw opponent's creature on him ! ^^
  • Niv-Mizzet : no curiosity. Fun interraction. Actually my favorite with Garza.
  • Rafiq, the aircraft carrier. I play all auras that may be attached to him (shadowmoor, eventide, armadillo cloak, pemmin's aura, ...) and equipments.
  • Kresh, the sacrificer.
  • Radha, a kind of punisher for dudes that push me in the ropes... (I mean, someone playing mindslaver for instance). GR antiland with half proxies ...
  • Arcum, the weak. (my second deck after savra) I keep it 'cause of nostalgy.
  • Riss, the grw. It's a cycling deck. Astral slide, lightning rift, and 187.
  • Lysolda, 90% of the critters are BR. This is the theme.
  • Azami. Not very original, but fun too play.
  • Oona, the rogue deck. I mean, there's a rogue theme.
  • Intet, the fatties.
  • sliver overlord, an aggro-combo-control deck. Really fun to play. Obviously, it's an autoloose vs back to basics or blood moon.
  • Sharuum

In process :
  • Heartless Hidetsugu

The ones I'd like to build :
  • scion of the ur-dragon
  • Darien, king of kjeldor

My Generals

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AgePosted: 2008-Nov-02 10:30 pm 
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Joined: 2008-Oct-31 9:01 am
Age: Drake
Location: The Gates Of Hell...or Florida.
Token's lists have a lot of similarities with my own, heh.

The past decks (the ones I've built and unbuilt):
  • Radha, Heir To Keld - fast and furious, but also had huge problems dealing with board sweepers and I just got a Wort, so I may revisit. I need Sarkhan Vol and Garruk though and damn are they expensive...
  • Garza Zol, Plague Queen - She's freaking awesome but I took her apart because I needed some more cards to really "complete" her in my mind. Lots of stupid recursion tricks + burn + counters is good, and fun. Also, you get fun spells from Invasion block like Void and Terminate.
  • Sosuke, Son of Seshiro - I have to admit, this was the most fun and deceptively powerful deck I had for a while (and really, really fast with some draws), but in the end it died to a lot of mass effects; without the blue it's kinda fragile.
Current decks (mostly complete with minor tweaks needed):
  • Ghost Council Of Orzhova - probably my top deck, though that might have recently changed. It has everything strong about Black and White, and LOTS of sick tricks with recursion and 187 creatures + Stonecloaker/Whitemane Lion. Also, tons of mass removal which is awesome with Ghost Council - who beats a lot of face.
  • Teneb, The Harvester - Fuck Doran, seriously. I hate that guy. Teneb is so much more interesting and not as pre-defined boring as Doran decks tend to be. Basically, I have a lot of spot removal to clear a path for the big guy and let him feed on the graveyards + general damage FTW.
  • Razia, Boros Archangel - splashy, fun, and lots of nasty cards and sweepe effects. Built mostly for multiplayer madness. If you hit Ajani Vengeant or Razia's Purification, everyone will hate you. Razia also quickly ends lives. I run Brion as well and sometimes swap into him but I think Razia is far more entertaining.
  • Venser, Shaper Savant - Monoblue is totally sick, I tell you. My friend just made a Vendillion Clique deck that is annoying as hell and can stabilize at 1 life so easy. This deck has a few lockout tricks + Planar Portal/Beacon Of Tomorrows, and if you get into Capsize/Spellburst lock it's all over. You can also randomly win with the land bounce turn 2 and 3 followed by Venser at 4, after which your opponent will likely scoop.
In progress (working on/buying cards for/not sure what to do with them):
  • Jhoira Of The Ghitu - she is wrong on so many levels. I want to build the nastiest combo deck I can, but also make it fun. So I decided that Storm would be sick with her, and Dragonstorm is hilarious. Lots of draw effects, recursion of Sorcery/Instants, doubling effects like Mirari, burn, counters, massive death spells (hello, Obliterate/Wildfire/Jokulhaups) and massive creatures. Also, I steal your crap. Win with huge Dragons, stolen crap, Ignite Memories/Mind's Desire/Dragonstorm + Pandemonium or the Memorial, etc., seems like fun to me at least...
  • Zur The Enchanter - nobody plays him here, admittedly cause he's lame, but also so damn interesting that I thought I'd give him a shot. I want to take the traditional Aggro win and combine it with possibly Enduring Ideal, cause that would be fun. Winning with Opalescence is funny, you gotta admit. I'll probably cave and go the stock route in the end, though.
  • Mageta, The Lion - because he's one of my favorite creatures ever, and instead of monowhite meanies (which is very good, especially with 8.5 Tails or Isamaru) I want to do white control with fatties. Mageta + Myojin with the counter on = GG if your opponent can't deal. This will be tricky but white can literally deal with anything so I I thought I'd give it a try.
  • Silvos, Rogue Elemental- I really want to build a mongreen beatdown deck with FATTIES (or PHATTIES if you prefer) and there's lots of options. Multani, Molimo, or Verdeloth with all the new Treefolk is ballin too.

That's me for now, I have a lot of ideas considering I just found this format a month ago, but that seems to be the norm, heh.

Current Generals: Thraximundar, Vhati il-Dal, Sharuum The Hegemon, Jhoira Of the Ghitu

In Progress: Dromar, The Banisher, Uril The Miststalker, Xira Arien

Retired (for now): Ghost Council Of Orzhova, Captain Sisay (I build these two way too often!)

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AgePosted: 2008-Nov-03 9:39 am 

Joined: 2008-Jan-01 7:51 pm
Age: Dragon
Karn (loner)
Stonebrow (league deck #2)
Rafiq (league deck #1)
Crovax (loner)
with a 5th one on the way.

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AgePosted: 2008-Nov-03 4:36 pm 
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Joined: 2008-Apr-09 1:32 pm
Age: Elder Dragon
i've posted here before, but right now (compared to last time) I've got these:

Pheldagriff: all my favorite cards. Conveniently they all fit into this deck. The ones that didn't make the cut...most of them are in the Atogatog deck.

Atogatog: the "do nothing" deck. Plays nothing but card draw, mana fixing, and spells that screw the game up. Thieves' Auction, Dimensional Breach, Shared Fate, Mindlock Orb, redirection effects, Neverending Torment, Damping Matrix, Grip of Chaos...etc. I don't think there are win conditions in the deck. The six creatures don't really count because they either draw cards, fetch lands, or is a giant 6/6 flying, trampling, shrouded blocker. There's no recursion in this deck.

Brion Stoutarm: here since the beginning (same as the deck in my last post), slight updates. Runs lots of Giants and whatever supports them.

Horde of Notions: colorful elemental tribal

I've got way too many ideas, most of which ain't gona be realized.

Wanted to build Sharuum but a friend beat me to it.

Reading cards is tech.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2008-Nov-27 7:12 pm 

Joined: 2006-Jul-14 12:02 pm
Age: Elder Dragon
Location: Wherever I may roam
Token wrote:
reaper king, the cheap one. My 10€ deck.

I just built Reaper King with no rares or foils. I'm really pleased with it, it doesn't want for power either. And eventually, I might just give it to someone if they need a deck.

Doraemon wrote:
Atogatog: the "do nothing" deck. Plays nothing but card draw, mana fixing, and spells that screw the game up. Thieves' Auction, Dimensional Breach, Shared Fate, Mindlock Orb, redirection effects, Neverending Torment, Damping Matrix, Grip of Chaos...etc. I don't think there are win conditions in the deck. The six creatures don't really count because they either draw cards, fetch lands, or is a giant 6/6 flying, trampling, shrouded blocker. There's no recursion in this deck.

..And I have a Karona False God deck built somewhat along the same lines. There's a Sacred Mesa in mine that's mostly for defensive purposes, but could be construed a win condition too...

In process, I have:

  • Wort the Raidmother - kind of built with my cards for the guy who only has one deck in our playgroup. His other deck is Zur, so R/G seemed the obvious choice.
  • Shirei - often my favourite card, there's a part built project to see if he can cut it as a general
  • Ertai - a 3 colour Wizard deck in the making.
  • Kiyomaro - a monowhite deck that's never really likely to get built.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2008-Nov-28 9:31 pm 
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Joined: 2008-Nov-18 5:58 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: WI
One. Now and forever.


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AgePosted: 2008-Nov-28 10:22 pm 

Joined: 2008-Jun-05 7:16 pm
Age: Drake
I currently have 3, and if I had more of a MTG budget I'd have millions of EDHs. One of them has gone through a couple transformations, though if I could've done it I would've kept the second transformation and simply created the third.

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AgePosted: 2008-Dec-05 11:25 pm 

Joined: 2008-Nov-29 9:06 pm
Age: Hatchling
I'm running two at the moment...
Mayael the Animaand Kresh the Bloodbraided

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AgePosted: 2008-Dec-09 11:44 pm 
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Joined: 2008-Dec-07 9:32 pm
Age: Drake
Location: My FLGS
I've got one at the moment(Arcades Sabboth)and a second(Chromium)on the way. I hope to one day have one for each Elder Dragon.
Edit: Now I have two! Xiahudun, and Aecades.

Please take a look at my decks(listed in chronological order)
Xiahoudun, the One-Eyed

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2008-Dec-10 12:45 am 
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Joined: 2007-Mar-28 12:38 pm
Age: Elder Dragon
Location: Omaha

In chronological order:

Kiku - monoblack control
Isperia - attrition/card advantage
Jhoira - Suspended sweepers and fatties
Mayael - Fatties. Like every other Mayael deck.
Vorosh - Goodstuff (And FUngal Shambler.)
Azusa - 55 land. Land beats via Thelonite Druid or Rude Awakening!
Oros - Sliver subtheme + Hivestone. Not very good.
Squee - You mean, you're supposed to PLAY your general?
Richard Garfield, PhD/Azami - Diviner's Wand/Mind over Matter or Tunnel Vision
Sedris - Artifact heavy build, Kiki-Jiki/Pestermite

Hypercasual and Proud

Current Deck-building Project(s):

Izoni, Thousand Eyed (Elf Tribal-ish)
Building $15-25 "Intro to Commander" Decks for my Local LGS

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AgePosted: 2008-Dec-10 3:30 pm 

Joined: 2008-Nov-24 2:16 pm
Age: Dragon
I usually have two built at any give time. One to use, one to share. Current ones being:
Spirit of the Night - Mana Acceleration/Recursion
Ashling the Pilgrim - Burn/Evasive+Firebreathing
Current project:
Xira Arien - Obnoxious/Attack Me

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AgePosted: 2008-Dec-24 11:54 am 

Joined: 2008-Dec-23 1:13 am
Age: Drake
I have three built so i can loan a deck to some friends, i play teneb, loan out Kearvik, and keep Oona in the box as it has a bad rep at the local game store (also it is my pimped deck, all mine hahahahahaha)

Vengeance is in season and the harvest is plentiful

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-02 7:59 am 

Joined: 2009-Jan-29 8:32 am
Age: Drake
Location: Belgium
* Past (dismantled):
- Garza Zol: Random Phat shizzle
- Teneb: lifegain / recursion
- Sliver Overlord: Slivers Slivers and... Slivers

* Present:
- Jhoira: went from Suspend Random Phat crap into Suspend Phat Crap + Dragons(torm)
- Sharuum: Someone else in our group runs a combo version, mine is aimed a bit more at beatdown.

* Future Sight:
- Progenitus (too insane not to try) 5color artifacts + enchantments
- Garza Zol: revisit this with new additions like Nicol Bolas.

My card pool is not that big that i can support a lot of multi/5coloured decks at once (proper dual lands are pricy!) so 2 decks is optimal, 3 feasible if not too colordependant.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2009-Feb-04 9:41 am 

Joined: 2009-Jan-09 11:47 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: Cleveland, Oh
Wort, the Raidmother: A mono green version with lots of big spells.
Squee: Self-explanatory. Always felt weak.

Brion: Lots of mass removal and as many self-recursive creatures as I could fit in.
Patron of the Orochi: Mono-green control. A fun deck.
Teneb: Was born from my wanting to play gravepact, sacred mesa, and vitu-ghazi in the same deck.
Braids, Cabal Minion: Not what you think. I only have one other mono-black legend (Cabal Patriarch). That being said, Braids + Journeyer's Kite following death cloud is awesome.
Dromar: All of my good UBW cards
Hanna, Ship's Navigator: UW prison. My newest creation. Still needs lots of work, but all signs point to annoying.

Future: Nothing too interesting. All of my decks need a bit of an update, so new decks are on hold for now.

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 Post subject:
AgePosted: 2009-Feb-04 10:03 am 

Joined: 2008-Oct-13 7:03 am
Age: Wyvern
Location: Paderborn, Germany
Current Decks:

Wort, the Raidmother: Basically Green-Red Fatties with much mana acceleration, some X-Spells and fun sorceries and instants.
Chainer, dementia master: the graveyard king, many removal spells and black fatties. Lifegain is very important for this deck.
Niv-Mizzet: Mostly blue drawspells and some fun combos with mana flare and stroke of genius as well as radiate and cantrips.
Oros, the Avenger: no concept, just good cards.

I dismantled a "Mirri, Cat Warrior", Arcanis and Kresh before, just because they were no fun to play.

My MagicCardMarket Sellings

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