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 Post subject: Antipodes: A mono-colour encouraging format
AgePosted: 2014-May-16 12:02 pm 

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I've been playing EDH/Commander for a long time, and I've noticed that outside of decks with a specific gimmic, most players eventually go multicolour for their commander in the various playgroups I play with. There are four or five different groups with occasional member crossover in my area who play EDH, and almost all of them run multicolour decks. And why wouldn't they? Multicolour is fairly easy to put together and gives you so much more versatility in card options. But it also raises the power level of the format- while there are overpowered cards in monocolour, there are a lot of cards that are mana for mana superior in multicolor, which balance off their nature of costing from two types of mana to be more powerful. I get that, and it's a fair choice.

But it also gets tiring when every deck is multicoloured, and they're all running the same staple multicolour cards. That's something we've tried addressing a number of times, but ultimately it can be frustrating trying to fill in a multicolour deck and having limited but extremely powerful options. Diluting it into single colour can be done, but a lot of players prefer to avoid that it seems.

Antipodes changes that. It is a monocolour format with a unique twist to keep things interesting.

In specific, it works like this:

Instead of a hundred card deck including your general, in Antipodes, you have two fifty card decks, each with their own monocolour commander. These colours must be enemies, so you can have black white, and white red, but not white green, or white blue. Each fifty card deck is built according to the normal rules otherwise, including colour identity and the like, as though it were just a 'smaller' deck.

In Antipodes, you have one command zone, but both generals start in it. Here's where it gets a bit complicated, but very interesting. You play with both 50 card decks, as does your opponent.

Despite having two decks, a player is not going to be playing two separate games, but rather, is playing one game from two separate decks. The only real record keeping is keeping track of which of your decks is 'active', which you can assign at the beginning of each turn (yours and your opponents'). All draws, mill effects, flip the top card up- all that stuff references only the active deck for the turn. If a player traumatizes you, it only affects your active deck. Likewise, if you play something like leveler, it only affects your active deck. There are advantages and disadvantages to this approach, obviously. Beyond those considerations, a player can have cards from both decks in his or her hand, and play those cards as normal if he has the mana with which to do so.

General cast from zone count is tracked separately for both of your generals (Lieutenants? idk), as is 'commander damage'. Your life count is still forty, and you still have one graveyard (though you may want to keep cards from each deck separate just for ease of use- but it still counts as one graveyard).

Thoughts, criticism, suggestions all welcome. This is a new format that still has a number of teething problems, but it's definitely one I've enjoyed playtesting with.

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 Post subject: Re: Antipodes: A mono-colour encouraging format
AgePosted: 2014-May-16 12:17 pm 

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Why are you not just making 1 EDH deck with 2 mono-color generals (and maybe disallow gold CI cards)?

Your suggestion seems like a WAY more complicated way to accomplish basically the same thing.

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