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 Post subject: Urza themed Commander deck
AgePosted: 2017-Dec-31 1:58 pm 

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Hi all. I'm wanting to build a commander deck based around Urza and his story. Obviously, I want to include any card that has his name. But, I also wanted to add things that are directly connected to him. Such as Blind Seer, etc. I am not familiar enough with his story to know what should be in there. I was thinking about using the new Unstable planeswalker as the commander. It's more as a fun project. But, I think it could work. Mahalo in advance.

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 Post subject: Re: Urza themed Commander deck
AgePosted: 2018-Jan-01 1:40 pm 
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Well, if you can find them, Artifacts Cycle I and II Omnibi (or the constituent novels) pretty much tell most of Urza's Story.

Those Novelsare:
Cycle I
- The Thran: Not really an Urza story, this describes how Phyrexia began.
- The Brother's War: The start of Urza's Story

Cycle II
- Planeswalker: The start of Urza's obsession with Phyrexia while he travels with Xantcha (Sleeper Agent)
- Time Streams: Tolarian Academy timeframe , building Karn with Barrin; teaching Jhoira and Teferi, etc.
- Bloodlines: The start of breeding program that culminates in Gerard Capashen and the Weatherlight

Without reading the novels, you can still get related card lists and summaries of events from the linked Sally wiki pages. But, you should read the books, if you can. Brother's War would be my number 1 from that list, followed by Thran, Timestreams, Planeswalker and finally bloodlines.



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