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Commander Replacement Rule Question
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Author:  Wreaaaaakkkkkkhavoc [ 2018-Jun-15 11:55 pm ]
Post subject:  Commander Replacement Rule Question

Hello, a question came up over the wording of the replacement effect in Commander recently, discussions were based around this thread by Sheldon regarding the tuck rules

If your commander would go into the library or your hand, you may choose to put it into the command zone. It’s as simple as that. Just like with the graveyard, if you want it to go into the library/hand, you’re more than welcome to let it. Note that this is a replacement effect, but it can apply multiple times to the same event.

So the discussion has revolved around what happens if a player has allowed their commander either voluntarily, forgot, or just accidentally exiled, sent to the graveyard, or put into their libraries.

Based on one interpretation the belief is that at any point in the game, based on the replacement effect, you could find the commander and place it into the command zone. For example: My commander has been lightning bolted and sent to the graveyard on Bob's turn. I, Gene, have elected not to place the commander back to my command zone. Bob's turn ends and Tina, Louise, and Linda's turns go by and now it is my turn. Can I then decide that I want to put my commander back into the command zone so I can play it (including commander tax)?

Alternatively, I have an enchantment legendary commander like Iroas that has just been deglamered. I have allowed it to be shuffled into my library. Am I allowed to search through my deck at any later point past the spell's resolution to find Iroas and return it to my command zone?

Does this change if i accidentally scoop up all my creatures due to a wrath effect 5 turns earlier and I forgot my commander was a part of that group.

The discussion stemmed from the spirit of the format being that of playing around/with your commander.


Author:  Thor_Naadoh [ 2018-Jun-16 6:28 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Commander Replacement Rule Question

The effect can be applied multiple times to the same event, which means it must be applied just before the event happens, because that is the only time a replacement effect can be applied.

The multple is there for cases where sending your commander to its zone would invoke further replacement effect. Those can only be applied once per event.
Imagine an effect that reads "if a cretaure would leave the battlefield but is not exiled, exile it instead" and your commander is being Swords'ed.
You can only apply the command zone replacement effect, but by doing so, the other effect becomes applicable and as it's mandatory you would have to exile your commander. That's where you can apply the commander effect a second time and get it back.

Author:  specter404 [ 2018-Jun-17 11:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Commander Replacement Rule Question

The "this may apply multiple times" wording is included as an exception to normal replacement affect rules.

The intention of the rule is not to ensure you can get your commander whenever you want from wherever you want. The rule is done this way because there are very narrow, unlikely situations in which more than one replacement effect is being applied, this rule makes sure that any time your commander is going to change zones you can choose to put it in your command zone. However once your choice is made, you cant change it.

You cant be forced through game rules to put your commander into the graveyard, exile or library, it must be your choice, either deliberate or by mistake, but the game cant make you.

Author:  niheloim [ 2018-Jun-19 8:36 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Commander Replacement Rule Question

To answer your question about moving your commander after electing to not send to the command zone- no, you cannot later apply the replacement effect.

If a player makes a conscious decision they must stick with it. If it was an absent minded mistake I'm fine with letting the commander go. But its all up to your group.

If another move occurs you can try the replacement again.

example: you let your commander Breya, Etherium Sculptor go to the graveyard because you have Sharuum the Hegemon in your hand. If Sharuum is countered you cant then choose to have breya go to the command zone. If someone later pops a Relic of Progenitus instead of exiling Breya you can command zone her.

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