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Brawl -.standard legal EDH
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Author:  OldVig [ 2018-May-15 8:07 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Brawl -.standard legal EDH

Viperion wrote:
WotC aren't trying to invent "Modern Commander" they're trying to push a variant where you can take your draft pool and start making a Brawl deck out of it.

It's not really working. So far every Brawl player I've seen has theorycrafted the most busted deck they can imagine and built that.

Author:  spacemonaut [ 2018-May-15 9:34 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Brawl -.standard legal EDH

Viperion wrote:
majikal wrote:
I like the idea of Brawl, but not the current execution. Once there are enough newer sets out there, I think Dominaria should be the starting point, and I think it shouldn't rotate anymore after that.
You're missing the point of the format - WotC aren't trying to invent "Modern Commander" they're trying to push a variant where you can take your draft pool and start making a Brawl deck out of it. They want all the Brawl-legal cards to be the most recent sets so new players have the same card pool to build their decks out of as veteran players and you don't run into the "I've been playing for years so I've got all the best cards from when the format was invented" problem that would happen with a non-rotating format.

They discussed this in The Future of Brawl too:

Brawl Philosophy

3. Brawl Uses a Standard Card Pool

Out of all the elements of Brawl, this has perhaps been the most discussed. And it has been wonderful following all sides of the discussion and seeing what has leapt out of it.

So many great ideas have been pitched. Watching people who have played multiplayer formats like Commander for years discuss variations on how the rotation could work and the kinds of decks they would allow for has really caused us to talk and question our goals for the format. What is the right path to take here?

And it is a tricky needle to thread. After all, people will build up Brawl decks and then have pieces rotate. Casual formats don't normally rotate, and this is a possible exit point. By the same token, if cards continue to pile up in the format, then it loses a lot of its identity as an easy entry point for new players and drafters. Over time, you end up with just another format with a huge card pool like Commander.

There are halfway mediums between the two as well. For example, allowing any deck that would have ever been Brawl legal to be playable. However, this means that the sets with more power would still crowd out the options from groups of sets that aren't as strong. You could allow for people to use any legendary commander from throughout Magic, and then a Standard-legal card pool, but then you are likely to see the same powerful commanders, wielding power far outside of the Standard card pool, again and again.

Additionally, we've received tons and tons of feedback from players grateful that there is a casual format they found it easy to build decks for. And, crucially, those players expressed thanks that they could use what they already had without feeling they needed to compete against the weight of many other older cards. There are plenty of people who do feel this way, and their opinions are also important.

Ultimately, after listening to tons of player feedback on every axis, we have decided to keep the format Standard. The Standard power level; the ability for new players, drafters, and people with small collections to enter with less friction; and the Standard rotation to keep the format fresh are all elements we are excited to see play out with Brawl.

With all of this said, I know this is a popular discussion point and something there are many strong feelings about. We want to keep monitoring people's reactions and some of the other exploring players are doing. We will continue to learn a lot about how important having that fresh format is, especially once the rotation happens with Spaghetti this fall. But for now, we intend to keep the format Standard and continue to watch.

Far above that in the "having a brawl" section there's also this quote:

There wasn't really a unified way to play casual multiplayer Standard beforehand. Now I've seen many newer players take flight with Brawl, letting them play with their friends who have much deeper card pools and have a blast.

Basically making Brawl a non-rotating format would defeat the point of its existence. It could have a non-Standard card pool, but then it would occupy a different space, one already well services by several other formats.

Instead, it is trying to occupy a space that basically didn't have anything for it before Brawl, and that space it is trying to occupy is best served by it having a rotating Standard card pool.

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