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Mastermind's Acquisition - Can we haz sideboardz now?
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Author:  Carthain [ 2018-May-24 2:00 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Mastermind's Acquisition - Can we haz sideboardz now?

MMLgamer wrote:
A "deck" is defined by the rules of Magic as "The collection of cards a player starts the game with" and that "becomes that player's library". If cards are outside the game after a game starts, then they were not in your deck, and thus deckbuilding restrictions have nothing to do with them. I'm not sure what part of this is confusing.

Because, I wasn't under the assumption we were talking about cards "outside the game" -- but instead cards in a wishboard. A sideboard or wishboard is part of your deck (it's not part of your library - but then, you quoted the Comp Rules, and they have nothing to say about sideboads.)

In common use, a decklist includes the sideboard (if any), so I was grouping any side/wish-board in with the deck because of that.

If you want to talk about using wishes without a set wishboard, then I'll just leave you alone as that has enough other potential issues (brought up earlier) that I don't think we need to dwell on this in that case.

If you want to talk about using a set wishboard (defined and limited when the game starts) -- then I include that wishboard as part of the deck, as it goes hand-in-hand with the deck's design, and deck lists include the sideboard as part of it, so I disagree with trying to separate the two when talking about deckbuilding restrictions.

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