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How many EDH decks do you have built irl?
1 19%  19%  [ 22 ]
2 14%  14%  [ 16 ]
3 17%  17%  [ 19 ]
4 17%  17%  [ 20 ]
5 8%  8%  [ 9 ]
6 10%  10%  [ 11 ]
7 2%  2%  [ 2 ]
8+ 14%  14%  [ 16 ]
Total votes : 115
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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-04 2:47 pm 

Joined: 2007-Jun-04 6:34 am
Age: Elder Dragon
Location: Gainsville, FL
I'm cannibalizing most of my decks for a Sek'kuar, a Garza Zol, a Rafiq, a Mayael and an Ertai, the Corrupted.

I did two colors, now I want to do three.

    Sek'kuar is getting fed the scraps from Savra (how Appropos!) and Tsabo Tsavoc plus tidbits from my Alara box. I got stupid lucky with Mythic Rares and have both a Hellkite Overlord and Kresh to back this general up. It's an attrition deck full of discard, recursion, collective sacrifice and reanimation and assorted hate with a slight goblin sub theme.

    Garza Zol is a deck full of fliers, sorceries and instants; sort of the "sorcerer on the mountain" deck, if you will. I used scraps from my Jhoira, Tsabo Tavoc and Nebuchanezzar decks as well as my Jace vs Chandra box and some Shards box stuff - more Mythic luck landed me a Sedris Lieutenant. I'm going to try and play four planeswalkers as an experiment: Chandra, Jace, Liliana and Nicol Bolas (when he comes out).

    Rafiq (another Mystic I busted) is kind of a cookie-cutter Shards build with good evasive guys like Quicksilver Dragon, Soltari Visionary, every exalted creature I can find, shroud granting effect and counterspell, as well as some cute stuff like Gifts Ungiven for: Life from the Loam, Bazaar of Baghdad, Riftstone Portal+ Glory.
    I have Ith, High Arcannist, Captain Sissay, Momir Vig and Treva as Lieutenants. Elspeth and Ajani Goldmane will be along for the ride.

    Mayael is a mishmash of my "big creature" decks, Borborygamos, Razia and Captain Sissay, or at least many of the 5+power guys from them plus other synergetic stuff. I suspect Garruk and Ajani Goldmane will be in this deck.

    Ertai is a pretty under-used general, I think, a rather flavorful. I bought a Sharuum as a Lieutenant since I got so much Esper stuff in my Shards box; seeing as I already had two Shards generals and had previously done an artifact themed deck (Jhoira), I didn't want to use Sharuum as my general, even though he is very powerful. I think much of my Ghost-Council deck, which was very enchantment and token themed, will go into this deck.

    My Zhang-Fei deck may remain intact, but all of my horsemanship guys would probably best work in Rafiq, is my guess. I might be going down from 11 to 5 or 6 decks.

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-05 6:40 am 
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Joined: 2008-May-05 5:03 pm
Age: Elder Dragon
Location: Algalord
Rhapsody wrote:
Three on paper right now-
1) Seton, Krosan Protector
2) Arcum Dagsson
3) Jhoira of the Ghitu
Three more decks (paper also) in the works-
1) Maralen of the Mornsong
2) Sharuum the Hedgemon (formerly the combo deck that was Jhoira, I posted in the decklist section)
3) Mayael the Anima (My inner Timmy isn't dead, is yours??)

This is no longer accurate. But this is!!
1) Seton, Krosan Protector
2)Arcum Daggson
3)Jhoira of the Ghitu
4)Eight-and-a-half-Tails -mono white cleric jank
5)Rafiq of the Many -Aura/card draw smorgasbord
6)Jaya Ballard -Mono red burn Jank/worst mutiplayer deck evar!!
7)Captain Sisay - Tutorable Foily goodness packed into every bite!!
Works in Progress -
Savra, Queen of the Golgari
Teysa, Orzhov Scion (or whatever her name is...it's too early to think)

End of Line

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odit wrote:
I normally my techy , controly decks.


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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-05 7:52 am 

Joined: 2009-Feb-02 12:02 pm
Age: Drake
Location: Croatia,Zagreb
I'm playing this format of EDH for about 9 months and so far i have 6 decks but I consider all of them as an constantly evolving project. I have to admit that I don't have lot of expirience in EDH,but I'll work on that and that should improve some of my decks,especially Ambassador Laquatus deck. I'm hapily looking forward the day when I get Nicol Bolas-Planeswalker for Nicol deck that I wish to make. Advice for that is welcomed!

I HATE M10!...rules,not the cards... GENERALS : Ambassador Laquatus ; Sisters of Stone Death ; Sygg,River Cutthroat ; Merieke Ri Berit ; Teneb the Harvester ; Momir Vig,Simic Visionary ; Niv-Mizzet,the Firemind ; Saffi Eriksdotter ; ...the list shall go on and on

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-05 1:15 pm 
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Joined: 2007-Mar-28 12:38 pm
Age: Elder Dragon
Location: Omaha
As of about an hour ago, 12.

Hypercasual and Proud

Current Deck-building Project(s):

Izoni, Thousand Eyed (Elf Tribal-ish)
Building $15-25 "Intro to Commander" Decks for my Local LGS

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-06 3:01 am 
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Joined: 2007-Aug-25 2:26 am
Age: Dragon
Location: Rennes, Fr
18, almost 19.
  • Ghost council, spiritual deck (spirit theme).
  • Garza. No flavour at all. "All the most powerfull things I own in those colors".deck
  • Savra : annoying.deck ^^
  • Brion. controle version. Litterally, cause I play all control magic in red and white. In order to throw opponent's creature on him ! ^^
  • Niv-Mizzet : no curiosity. Fun interactions. Actually my favorite with Garza.
  • Rafiq. I finally cut the auras for the benefit of equipments.
  • Kresh, the sacrificer.
  • Radha.
  • Zur, the boring. A sorcerer theme build. People seeing my general say : "Ahrr, not Zur again"... mine diserve a better treatment. It's not an autowin.
  • Arcum, the weak. (my second deck after savra) I keep it 'cause of nostalgy.
  • Riss, the grw. It's a cycling deck. Astral slide, lightning rift, and 187s.
  • Lysolda, 90% of the critters are BR. This is the theme.
  • Azami. Not very original, but fun too play.
  • Oona, the rogue deck. I mean, there's a rogue theme.
  • Intet, the fatties.
  • sliver overlord, an aggro-combo-control deck. Really fun to play. Obviously, it's an autoloose vs back to basics or blood moon.
  • Sharuum, artifact-creatures heavy deck.
  • Treva the reniewer, life gain, FTW!
The one currently built :
  • Hidetsugu
The projects :
  • scion of the ur-dragon (I miss some duals indeed)
  • Darien, king of kjeldor

My Generals

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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-06 3:43 am 

Joined: 2008-Aug-14 2:20 am
Age: Hatchling
Currently 15:

Sliver Legion (Peasant: 1 rare, 4 uncommons, 95 commons)
Vaevictus Asmadi
Experiment Kraj
Ghost Counsil
Braids, Conjurer Adept
Sapling of Colfenor
Dakkon Blackblade
Nicol Bolas
Mayael the Anima
Frankie Peanuts (In-group deck)

My personal staple cards for each deck are Sol Ring, Rings of Brighthearth, Citanul Flute and Journeyer's Kite, though I obviously don't have these in my Sliver deck.


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