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Does EDH need more cards for Aggro?
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Author:  zimagic [ 2018-Mar-18 6:51 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Does EDH need more cards for Aggro?

crimson wrote:
This thread has my decklist within ~10 cards. I've made a few optimizations since posting that list. Example - Stream of Life is out as I never used it.


The deck specifically avoids all but 1 infinite combo and does not use Paradox Engine. These are deliberate choices as the deck is considered broken as it is for my playgroup.

Current most broken opening hand I'm aware of.
T1 - forest, mana dork.
T2 - forest, Selvala
T3- forest, Wayward Swordtooth, forest, tap Selvala and dork for Mana Reflection
T4 - Natural Order either of the two creatures for Realm Seeker. Nature's Chosen on Selvala - estimate 40-60 mana after untapping Selvala for free. Genesis Wave.
Shuffle and pick up different deck for new game.

I like it!! How many times have you done this?

Author:  crimson [ 2018-Mar-19 4:20 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Does EDH need more cards for Aggro?

Not very often. High end Gen Waves are more likely to come out on turns 6-9. There are plenty of other absurd explosions that come out from this deck. I honestly don't play it much anymore as the overall power level of the games have dropped in my meta. People just don't like playing against it due to the explosiveness and need to have answers pretty much in their opening hands.

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