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Shifting Shadow [C17 Preview]
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Author:  Genomancer [ 2017-Aug-10 3:51 am ]
Post subject:  Shifting Shadow [C17 Preview]

I've always loved polymorph... it's just one of those dramatic, slightly-risky effects. Unfortunately, in order to really get max value from a polymorph effect, you've got to heavily warp your deck, so that every 'hit' is a bomb.

But what if there was a way to get multiple shots at something cool?

What if lots of things entered the battlefield?!

What if alligators!?


"Chaos Red" is a pretty established fun archetype in commander, and I think this will slot in perfectly, but I think a lot of other decks can use this too. Combine it with some indestructibility (always good anyway), some 187 creatures, some sacrifice-triggers, and get the party started!

Author:  Treamayne [ 2017-Aug-10 7:41 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifting Shadow [C17 Preview]

Do sac outlets do much with this, since the polymorph effect will only trigger on upkeep? That said, I think this could be interesting in UR with Paradox Haze, BR with Volrath's Stronghold and RGW with Wheel of Sun and Moon.

Author:  NMS [ 2017-Aug-10 8:13 am ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifting Shadow [C17 Preview]

Neat card, but I'm annoyed that it's yet another mono-red Polymorph variant that doesn't work with Zada, Hedron Grinder. Just give me mono-red Polymorph already!

Author:  zimagic [ 2017-Aug-10 5:05 pm ]
Post subject:  Re: Shifting Shadow [C17 Preview]

Genomancer wrote:
What if alligators!?


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