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Do you sleeve your General in a different sleeve than the rest of its deck?
Yes, always. 49%  49%  [ 41 ]
Yes, sometimes. 8%  8%  [ 7 ]
No, never. 42%  42%  [ 35 ]
Total votes : 83
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AgePosted: 2009-Jan-26 8:30 am 

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xXxBretWeedxXx wrote:
My playgroup doesn't allow the General to go to the GY, Library, Hand or be Stolen. All such effects just RFG it with a counter.

must.... stay.... on.... topic.....

After about the 5th game* of my cousin going "Crap man, where did i put my General? ow well ill just use this bottle cap as him and switch if i draw him" We came up with different sleaves. He still shuffles it in his deck every other game, but its easier to correct now.

*the 6th EDH game we played


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AgePosted: 2009-Feb-02 7:19 am 

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Same sleeve as the rest of the deck, but that gets put into one of those hard ones you get when ordering cards from the mail.
There is condemn/bounce/etc. but taking it out of the hard cover takes very little time.
Also i have some spare sleeves in my deckboxes anyway. Playing and shuffling tend to bust a random sleeve every now and then so one has to be prepared.

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