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 Post subject: War of Sovereigns
AgePosted: 2016-Sep-03 4:48 am 

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a few days back after I saw the spoilers of Conspiracy 2: Take the Crown, I just got an inspiration about another commander variant. Here is the detail.

Variant Name: “War of Sovereigns” (perhaps a better name?)

How to play:
Similar to Emperor Commander yet also different in some aspects; this game supposed to encourage team co-op in play, but there’s also a Conspiracy. It is safe to assume that this is an upgrade to emperor. Lore-speaking, an emperor’s command usually obliged by many, but conspiracy is usually used in a monarchy where the ruling subject is considered unworthy thus promoting a race to usurp the throne. So, in this variance, if the ruler was killed, there will always be another one to take his place.

Winning Condition:
1. There’s only one faction, a lord with X number of vassals
2. just only 1 player who survive the game

Key Elements:
1. The usage of “Conspiracy Cards”; WOTC printed some of those cards with a Rare and Mythic rarity in the 1st set and now it also has a new keyword of MONARCH. It is shame if we don’t use it, but it’s difficult if it’s used on usual basis of multiplayer (besides EDH), then again it’s pretty plain if we use it on the half-deck scenario like those in the used in the drafts. Monarch is really a good mechanism to play, I don’t mind, but some player out there might feel some contradiction; EDH theme mostly is multiverse battle between Planeswalkers to replay how the Elder Dragon War commence right? While connected to the Magic Story, monarch is mostly used in High City Paliano where it’s like (but also VERY different) to the story of Games of Thrones... the conspiracy, the intrigue, the killing, the alliance. Heck, even in my thoughts, it’s very similar to historical events such as Romance of 3 Kingdoms even the Sengoku Basara (Warring State, Feudal Japan).
If someone might regard this as unnecessary, I don’t mind. But if we treat these mechanics only as a tool to play and win, Magic the Gathering will become pretty bland like other TCG right? We lost the flavor and the magnet of Magic which draws people to play the game.

2. Lord & Vassal(s); like the Rule of 2, there’s always a master and apprentice, the master who hold the power and the apprentice who crave the power but also sometimes obey the master unconditionally; in this variant we adapt it to ruler and pawn(s). 1 of the player in each team is the "Lord", while the other(s) is the vassal. It's a game of conspiracy; the vassal "supposedly" can't kill the “Lord”, but the Lord can "replace" the vassal. In essence, everybody can kill everybody, but it will be constrained in much more orderly killing, like chess.

2.1. How to replace vassal(s): it can either with
2.1.1. “Sacrificing” the vassal on a kill hit; the chosen vassal is the one who got killed, while the lord is safe from harm.
2.1.2. Killing the vassal; usually in medieval time, killing a minister or vassal were always instanenous, thus not giving the target a time to retaliate.
If either of both points has been fulfilled, we can move to a new mechanic addition to the game:
2.1.3. “Insert NEW Player”, by simply adding a new player to the game; with this mechanic, I hope that this can solve the common problem of EDH game, time Limit. Usually, new player(s) want to participate an ongoing EDH game; the common problem is that some game took very long thus making some waiting player disinterested to play or some player want to duel a certain player but the latter got stuck in an EDH game.

2.2. How to replace Lord(s); sometime it’s not uncommon for vassal to betray their lord (committing treachery) because of disatisfaction or personal grude. In this game, that mechanic should exist since lord(s) can replace their vassal(s)
2.2.1 Corresponding from point 2.1.1 and 2.1.2, which vassal(s) are considered sacrificial lambs, vassal can backstab their lord and claiming the “throne” or by pledging an allegiance to another lord.

But there’s also some problems which I need consultation and improvement.
1. Regarding key elements of adding new player, the new player should be given a chance to maintain his resource / mana pool to catch up with the game. So, what I have in mind is that the player shuffle his/her deck, then reveal X+7 cards from the top where X is the number of turns that has been taken, where 7 is the number of starting hand; after revealing those X+7, the player put the revealed land cards into the battlefield, then shuffle remaining into his/her deck then draw 7 cards.

2. the usage of the conspiracy cards is dependent to the will of the player (mostly the lord of the faction). But for a vassal that aim to betray their lord, they must also have access to conspiracy cards also right? So, what i have in my mind is that we adapt the mechanic of cube draft, but for the conspiracy cards only. The access to the conspiracy card will be either
a) separated to each faction or
b) mixed to all faction,
then each faction choose X many conspiracy cards to be used. A conspiracy card is only legal if the owner is still active / playing the game (thus eliminating the problem of replacement if some player need to go home early)

Hopefully, this idea can enhance the Magic Community or playing variants thus increasing the excitement of MTG.

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