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 Post subject: Wrexial, the Risen Deep (aka "The Fish")
AgePosted: 2010-Apr-22 6:30 am 

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Age: Drake

I made a new EDH deck. It's a fun deck that is build around the general.
The goal of this deck is to mill all my opponents a little bit. This way I get cool spells and creatures in their graveyard. then I make their lands islands and/or swamps and I can start attacking with my general to get the cool stuff.

while playing the deck, someone laughed with me "because I play with fish".
Then I realized how many kraken and leviathan I play. I decided to ad the quest for ula's temple and a few other kraken/leviathan.

I was surprised by the power of quicksilver fountain in EDH. It keeps making islands, and the chance all lands are islands is rare in EDH.
It can screw the mana of other players in a very sneaky way.
Also mesmeric orb is amazing. I mill at least 20 cards for only 2 mana! And if they can't get rid of it the first round, then I mill at least 20 cards in every library.

Now, the moment you are all waiting for, prepare for....
general Wrexial, the Risen Deep (aka "The FISH")
1 Aboshan, Cephalid Emperor
1 Aeon Chronicler
1 Ambassador Laquatus
1 Body Double
1 Cairn Wanderer *
1 Deep-Sea Kraken *
1 Dimir Doppelganger
1 Dimir Guildmage
1 Dreamborn Muse
1 Duplicant

1 Filth
1 Ghastlord of Fugue
1 Glen Elendra Liege
1 Guiltfeeder
1 Inkwell Leviathan*
1 Isleback Spawn *
1 Kederekt Leviathan *
1 Lich Lord of Unx
1 Lorthos, the Tidemaker *
1 Mindleech Mass

1 Mortivore
1 Nemesis of Reason *
1 Nezumi Graverobber
1 Nihilith
1 Puppeteer Clique
1 River Kelpie
1 Sphinx of Jwar Isle
1 Szadek, Lord of Secrets
1 Thada Adel, Acquisitor

1 Archive Trap
1 Brainstorm
1 Hinder
1 Memory Plunder
1 Mind Funeral
1 Mind Spring
1 Soul Manipulation
1 Telemin Performance
1 Time Stretch
1 Traumatize
1 Tunnel Vision
1 Turnabout


1 Breathstealer's Crypt
1 Leyline of the Void
1 Memory Erosion
1 Phyrexian Arena
1 Quest for Ula's Temple
1 Zur's Weirding


1 Dimir Signet
1 Everflowing Chalice
1 Expedition Map
1 Grappling Hook
1 Grinning Totem
1 Howling Mine
1 Keening Stone
1 Mesmeric Orb
1 Millstone
1 Quicksilver Fountain
1 Thran Dynamo

1 Academy Ruins
1 Bojuka Bog
1 Darkwater Catacombs
1 Dimir Aqueduct
1 Dreadship Reef
1 Duskmantle, House of Shadow
1 Frost Marsh
1 Jwar Isle Refuge
1 Leechridden Swamp
1 Minamo, School at Water's Edge
1 Reliquary Tower
1 River of Tears
1 Salt Marsh
1 Tainted Isle
1 Urborg
1 Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth
1 Jace Beleren
1 Liliana Vess
1 Creeping Tar Pit
9 Swamp
13 Island
* = leviathan / Kraken / Octopus / Serpent

my EDH decks:
Omnath, locus of mana last updated 22/04/2010
Wrexial, the Risen Deep last updated 22/04/2010
Ob Nixilis, the fallen last update: 07/01/2010
Brion Stoutarm last update: 07/01/10

Experiment Kraj
Stonebrow, Krosan hero

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 Post subject: Re: Wrexial, the Risen Deep (aka "The Fish")
AgePosted: 2010-Apr-22 8:07 am 
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Leyline of the Void seems very poor in Wrexial-- if you are removing spells you can't cast them. If you're worried about reanimator targets you may want to play with additional targeted GY hate. I see you already have Puppeteer Clique and Dimir Doppelganger, both of which are solid for this purpose. Withered Wretch is also really good here. You may also try the new X spell in Black from ROE which removes X cards and does X damage to that player-- blanking on the name at the moment. But seems quite good in this deck.

Lich Lord of Unx is very seductive. Don't fall for its charms! I tried it in my Wrexial for a while before I realized I need at least 3 zombies on the field for it to feel even slightly good. Honestly, I replaced it in the deck with Hedron Crab and never looked back. It's action on turn 1, it mills for almost as many cards with less effort, and your opponents feel bad wasting a removal spell on it. "But it's only a 0/2!" A 0/2 that has milled you for 15 cards so far this game, yes.

Knowledge Exploitation is a disgusting card in this deck, particularly if your opponent is ALSO playing Time Stretch. I remember clearly one game with Wrexial in which I KEed the other guy to take his Stretch, whacked him with Wrexial to Stretch again, then Twincast that Stretch to take 6 turns in a row. Yeah, I won that game. (It is a wonder people still play that card at all with Wrexial hanging around...)

If you want a subtler way of getting cards in the yard upon which Wrexial can munch, consider either or both of Wheel and Deal or Windfall, both of which use card draw to disguise the fact that your opponents are creating Wrexial fodder. If your opponents don't play Reliquary Towers you can also use Forced Fruition for this. If you are a jackass, you can play Arcane Laboratory to keep the shenanigans which come from drawing that many cards from getting out of hand. If you don't care about being subtle while doing this, you can play Memory Jar and its associated Magus instead. (Note: Jar WILL make you a target if you decide to go this route. Caveat Emptor)

Lastly, Wrexial likes him some manas to play his busted spells. Oblige him by playing Cabal Coffers, particularly since you have Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth in the deck anyway. Crypt of Agadeem also has more than enough black guys to become ridiculous, although even if you can only activate it for BBBB it's still pretty good.

Good luck with the deck! I agree with you that Mesmeric Orb owns face :)

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gaijinguy wrote:
As for blue- being boring/infuriating by crushing everyone else's fun until it assembles a cheeseball combo is pretty much what it DOES.

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